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Used Car Dealership in Longwood, FL | Cars for Sale Under $15000 | Longwood Auto LLC

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Here at Longwood Auto LLC, we agree that “used car prices have become ridiculous” during these uncertain times. That is why we work hard at the auction to purchase vehicles at or under Wholesale Prices so our customers are not paying THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, even, over Suggested Retail Prices, as they would at other dealerships.

Longwood Auto LLC is dedicated to providing you with the ultimate automobile buying experience. We are a One-Stop shop for sales, used car financing, and even buying consumer vehicles. A Single Point of Contact is what we offer. It provides a complex and time-consuming experience without having to deal with multiple people. We have a huge range of used cars for sale in Longwood and also offer a faster and more convenient purchasing process, often less than an hour after the test drive. We make our customers feel more in control of the process. This allows Longwood Auto LLC to save on selected quality vehicles. We also have a large selection of used car loans to suit your needs.

To know more about our dealer or for any assistance with your next vehicle purchase, call (407) 688-6585 or visit us in person. We look forward to meeting you.

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